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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who I Am

I’m the girl with the windblown hair, the raggedy black sweatshirt and the sad smile. I laugh a little too loud and I always say the wrong thing. I think too much and second guess my decisions. I’m terrible at telling jokes and I always make mistakes. I can’t plan anything to save my life. I wear trashed skater shoes, and I like my music a little too loud. I sing badly and I dance like I don’t care. I eat what I want and I hardly ever exercise but I still manage to look ok.

I recycle as often as I can and I prefer watching a sunset to watching a movie. I’d rather have a picnic at a park than go to a restaurant. I like dancing in the rain and watching thunderstorms. I can’t draw and I write as much as I think. I write poetry, prose, and whatever else comes to mind, good and bad.

I dream of running and familiar places. I need my friends to keep me sane. I fall in love easily and love with everything I have. I’m spontaneous and random. I hate to be predictable. I promise to be the best friend I can if you promise to forgive my forgetfulness.  I love holding hands and I hate kissing in public. Dandelions are my favorite flower. I have a hard time beginning and finishing projects. I love my sister more than anything even if I don’t agree with her most of the time.