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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Objects in My Room

There are moments when I feel like I've been sucked out of my body and I'm left, staring at my things and I try to figure out who I am by what I see on my desk. Books by big name authors. Folders thick with papers. Post-it pads and paperclips and hairbands. A camera, keys, and a flashdrive. An apple, a container of candy. Plants, a lava lamp, an angel snowglobe. A picture of my family, a picture of my boyfriend and me holding hands. Christmas and birthday cards pinned up. Post-its with quotes on them everywhere. Papers folded in half, pinned up to be remembered, but not seen by others.

Who is this girl? A vikings fan who loves her boyfriend? A girl who reads everything from Stephenie Meyer to Tolkien? A hippie who is super Christian but also interested in astrology and the occult? It's obvious she likes Papa John's pizza and wants to learn about business. She likes writing and she's trying to get in shape. She likes jewelry but doesn't wear it often. She's secretive, but bold when she wants to be. She hides behind her words and her books but if you can see beyond the words you'll learn more about her than she'll ever admit to.