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Friday, May 13, 2011

Basement Renovation

My mom wants me to renovate our basement into sort of an apartment. That way if she doesn't want to deal with us she won't have to and we'll have our own kitchen and everything. It's actually going to be a pretty sweet setup. So my mom and I have been discussing this for a while. I remembered a paint swatch I had been carrying around in my wallet. I pull it out and one of the shades on it was one I thought would be perfect for the basement. My sister didn't like the idea at all. This whole endeavor was going to be held off until either I had money to buy paint or we found an acceptable shade at the recycling place.

My mom and I went to the recycling place yesterday and they had the exact shade of green paint I wanted. I pulled out my swatch and it was a perfect match. Talk about fate... or something. So we get it, I bring it home and start painting the basement. I think it looks really good. Here are some before and after shots. It looks a little weird because the lighting is kind of terrible in our basement, but otherwise they're pretty good. I'll post more pictures as I finish more of the project.