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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mowing the Lawn

Mowing is by far my favorite chore to do when I'm at home. I get exercise. It's less work than other chores. It's not as tedious as doing laundry or the dishes. And when I'm done I can gauge my progress just by standing on the porch and looking at the lawn.

I also never want to hear anybody complain about mowing unless their lawn is bigger than mine.  I only got the little bit by the mower and row of trees done today before I decided I was bored of it and quit. This is only my front yard. Maybe only a 1/4th of the total lawn that really needs to be mowed so the thistles don't grow.

I also mow this with a power push mower... but the power part doesn't work. Meaning it's basically a normal lawn mower that's twice as heavy. It's all good though. It gives me a good workout.

But yeah, I love mowing.