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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pennies, Lasagna, Sherlock Holmes, and Christmas Lights...

The header pretty much sums up my birthday yesterday.

Marshall, MN still doesn't have any snow and it was really sunny and warm outside. Josh took me to the park and we threw pennies off the bridge onto the frozen pond. Then we spent a while throwing rocks out onto the ice. I've decided I am willing to spend $2 to dump 200 pennies onto the ice to make a really cool picture. Especially because the ice is neat because there hasn't been any snow layers.

Later that night we made lasagna, it was the first time for both of us and we were just hoping it would turn out right. We pieced together my mom's ingredients for the cheese mixture and Josh's knowledge of how to cook the meat for his side (I'm only in it for the ricotta cheese). Then we looked up oven temp and cooking time on the internet. It turned out amazing. I was so proud of us. We ate it off the new plates my mommy bought me and we drank a lot of sparkling grape juice (I wanted to drink something classy with my lasagna and I don't like wine) out of the glasses my sister bought me.

Then we went to watch the new Sherlock Holmes movie. It was pretty fun. I was a  little unsure of why things were happening but the humor kept me into it. I am a little disappointed by the Sherlock Holmes movies because they make it look like he can predict the future instead of just being super observant. Ah well, that's hollywood for you.

After that Josh surprised me by taking me around town to look at Christmas lights. We stumbled upon the intersection of Indiana Jones and Travis and ended up on the other side of town. Luckily Josh knew where we were. I would have felt so silly if we had to use his GPS to find our way back to campus.

We went back to my apartment to eat some cake and invited my friend Suzannah over to finish off the night. Pink cake with blue swirls and dinosaur sprinkles in it and on top of it. It was delicious.