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Friday, June 8, 2012

Another Failed Test Drive

So today was another test drive... to work. Didn't turn out like I hoped. I only made it a couple miles before my car died. Thankfully I had a wide neighbor's driveway to pull into because the road I live on has no shoulder at all.
Dead once again.
Steve came and rescued me. I convinced him to tow my car home and drive me to work. I'm tired of dealing with this car and the stress about how I'm going to get to work or get home. Ended up getting to work an hour late. Thankfully it was a day where the garden center had everyone scheduled so it wasn't too big of a deal that I wasn't there.

Last night I bought an electronic ignition to replace my points. That should solve a lot of problems. I need to buy new spark plugs and that should fix a lot of other problems. Now if only I could figure out the charging problem I would be set.

I just want this car to run.