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Friday, January 18, 2013

Day Trip to My Mom's House

I bought a bunch of books through Amazon then accidentally sent them to my Mom's house instead of to my apartment. I could have just had her ship them back to me but I decided it would be more fun if I took a trip home. Not to mention that Fergus Falls also has a Target and I received some Target gift cards for my birthday.

My roommates Chris and Jess decided it would be fun to accompany me and Chris graciously offered to drive (remember how Louis isn't planning on running anytime soon). We also invited Suzannah. Josh unfortunately had to work so he couldn't come with us.

We left around nine and it's about a three hour drive (if you speed) so it took just over three hours to get there. We hung out with my mom a little and I give everyone the official tour. (We have a pretty big place). We decided we would have to come back when it's warm and have a party. I made sure to grab my books and we picked up some other stuff before heading out.

Then we went to Fergus Falls to eat and go to Target. (I had realized about halfway to my Mom's house that I forgot my gift cards so that sucked.) We stopped at the Viking Cafe for lunch and it was super cheap and super delicious. I'll definitely be going back there. Then we went to Biffleys and Bookmark which is a board game store that also sells movies and used books. It's awesome. Then we ran across the street to Victor Lundeen's to have a look around there. We then went to The Market to check that out. There was so much stuff there that I wanted. Unfortunately it's all pretty spendy. We finally got to Target and wandered around there.

Then it was time to head home. We got back around eight and it was a very successful trip.