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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Anime Club - A Cultural Experience

I am the secretary of the Mustang Anime Otaku (Southwest Minnesota State University’s anime club). Our anime club is pretty awesome. We have an office and everything. Up until now the office hasn’t been used for anything more than storing the anime. This weekend the officers and a few other club members decided to renovate it.

The office is now a fully functional hang out spot. A member loaned us their mini fridge and microwave and we bought a desk lamp, a coffee maker, a blizzard maker, and a mini projector that allows us to watch anime on the unused white board hanging on the wall.

Anyway, through this club I’ve discovered that anime club is more than just a bunch of college students sitting around watching cartoons. It’s a hobby, an activity, and a culture of its own. I’ve learned a lot about the club members, their personalities, their likes and dislikes.

I'm only really a partial anime fan. There are series I like and ones I don't. I like funny girly shows. I'm not much for the violence and giant robots. But some of my male friends really like those ones. It's a compromise, especially when it comes to what anime to purchase for the club. We've been having quite the discussion about that. It'll get worked out, and the library will expand once again.

I love the anime club I'm a part of. It's been slowly growing since I started at this college. I think that's really awesome. The posters I’ve put up as advertising have helped a lot. We’ve been working on getting the word out in other ways as well. Anime club is a great way to relax and its fun making fun of the shows we watch.