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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anime Detour 2010

Anime Detour is an anime convention in the Twin Cities. It's really, really cool. I went with the my anime club and dressed up as Winry Rockbell from “Full Metal Alchemist.” I had a pretty good costume, or at least I think so. It was better than most of the other people who dressed up as the same character. There were all sorts of really cool costumes there and it was totally fun.

Most of the people in our group decided to volunteer so I did too. I stood in a hallway for four hours checking badges. Once you volunteer for four hours you get a button that gets you into the volunteer con-suite and they have free food there. So it was totally worth the hours of boredom.

We stuffed 10 people into the hotel room and Jason snored really loud and kept a bunch of the other people awake. I didn't notice at all and slept soundly. In the morning they beat him with pillows and he didn't notice. Jason is also the anti-social one of the group so when we got there we pinned a sign on his back "Glomp me. I'm anti-social." He was then tackled by everyone at the con. It was pretty funny, but by the end of the weekend he was hugging the free hugs people.

I went to a lot of panels about costume making and cosplay. I learned a lot.