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Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter Break

FINALLY!!! Winter break. I'm super excited about this. So I'm home right now and I spent all of last night painting my new bedroom. I looked through all the paint we had in our basement and I turned up five shades of blue, two shades of purple, a can of bright pink, a can of yellow, and a couple cans of teals and browns. So yeah. My room is going to be blue and purple... go figure. So that's pretty exciting.

It's been snowing a little bit here, but otherwise it hasn't been too bad. I'm spending most of my break at school because I don't really feel like being at home, besides all of my friends live closer my school anyway.

I'm gonna spend Christmas at my boyfriend's house so that should be interesting. My mom basically told me I'm not supposed to come home. That's fine.

It's my birthday on Monday and I get to spend it with my boyfriend which I'm super happy about. I'm turning 21 and that's pretty awesome too. I told him he could still watch the Vikings game so I think he's going to love me forever now. I don't really care because I get his attention the rest of the day and the rest of break too.

Fun times.