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Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break (A Recap)

Ok, so I'm sure everyone has been patiently waiting for the details of my spring break trip, well I'm finally going to write about it... which is impressive because I'm lazy. (I even uploaded pictures to facebook yesterday 0.o)

Ok, so we started out Saturday afternoon. We grabbed snacks at wal-mart and I bought a small carrot cake to eat once we got to the ocean. (Something that happened last year. Paul bought a carrot cake while we were still in Minnesota and we didn't get a chance to eat it until we reached the ocean.) So yeah, celebratory carrot cake.

"It takes the same amount of effort to remember your birthday as it takes to eat in the morning." That was Vogie. He says he prefers to remember to eat.

We stopped in Pocohontas, Iowa and took pictures by a huge statue there. That was pretty fun.

"Oh my God I would chop my fingers up and snort them right now. They smell like gummy worms." Yeah, Vogie is a little bit crazy.

"Exit 0A because exit 1A just isn't first enough." Yet another witty Vogie quote. Mainly because I'm not very witty and I was also the one in charge of writing everything down which I then proceeded to slack on about halfway through the trip. It doesn't help that I also get motion sick if I try to write while we're moving.

We made it through Illinois in a few hours and hit Indiana at like 3 in the morning. We slept at a rest area that night. Sleeping in the car wasn't that bad.

Day 2 Made it through Indiana and into Kentucky. We rock climbed at the Natural Bridge State Park near Fort Dodge. The sign said that it was 0.75 miles, they didn't tell us that that was practically climbing straight up. I thought I was going to die. My legs hurt so bad. It was really, really pretty though and totally worth the climb. We got to the top and took a whole bunch of really cool pictures, and we even got to climb on top of the natural bridge. It was really amazing.

We cut through the corners of Virginia and Tennessee. We stopped just short of the North Carolina border to sleep for the night.

Day 3 We made it to North Carolina and stopped at Vogie's brother's house. You know the guy from "How to Train Your Dragon" Well his brother Erik looks just like the dad. He's basically a viking and he's super cool. We watched "Due Date" and got about halfway through "The Big Lebowski" but that's only because their internet got messed up and we were watching it on Netflix instant. We played Killer Bunnies and Vogie and I got to teach them how to play, that was interesting. We went out to lunch at a fast food place called "Cookout" which has amazing food that is amazingly cheap. I wish we could have stopped at another one but we were never hungry when we saw a sign for it.

We left Erik's house and started heading toward the coast. We were supposed to meet up with an air force buddy of his. We intended to stop at this state park that was right by where he was at, but then it was closed and instead of looking for someplace to sleep in the area we decided to just keep moving and we'd meet up with him on our way back.

Day 4 We spent all day trying to find somewhere we could shower at with no luck. We kept trying to find different campgrounds so we could steal a shower and that was hard too. So we figured we would just head back toward Erik's and take him up on the shower that he offered us before we left. We made it to the ocean today. So it turns out that that little peninsula sort of thing of North Carolina is surrounded by a tiny string of islands so you have to get out on the islands to actually see the ocean. Well we finally found a road that would take us out there after we dead ended at a sound (literally the road ended and we were in someone's yard with a view of the sound). So we went to a few different beaches and waded around in the water and collected shells. It was really fun and we found some really pretty ones. Vogie was very happy that he finally got to see the ocean.

Day 5 We went back to Erik's and took a shower, it was so nice to finally be clean. We were also quite happy because we decided we didn't like North Carolina at all and that it didn't like us either. So we were glad to be heading home. We googled the shortest route  home and it was pretty much the same as the route we took there, except it took us straight up through Kentucky instead of taking the path that took us through more states. So we wanted to take the scenic route through the smokey mountains but it was getting dark and we figured it wouldn't be any fun in the dark so we stopped real close to there and spent the night in the wal-mart parking lot (we spent a lot of nights at wal-mart parking lots). It was also raining pretty bad so we were also hoping the weather would improve.

Day 6 (This is the point where I stopped writing things down.) We woke up in the morning and the weather was still pretty bad. We just kind of hung out and it cleared up a little bit. We went to go take the scenic route only to find that it was closed and we had to take the normal interstate anyway. Ugh. We decided to see if there was anything worth seeing in Knoxville and Vogie found a small art gallery that we decided to go to. It was pretty cool. It was really small but it had some interesting things. It was a nice detour. I decided to take us through Cincinnati because it wouldn't really take us any longer. Vogie wanted to go to an art museum that was there so we decided to spend the night and see it in the morning. The wal-mart we choose happened to be right next to a discount movie theater. So we went and saw a movie called "The Eagle" We had no idea what it was about so it seemed a good choice for 3 bucks. So we get our tickets and we wait in the theater because we're early. It's the last show of the night and we're the only ones in that particular theater. It's like five minutes after it's supposed to start so we decide to go tell someone. We go out to the concession stand and tell the guy the movie hasn't started. Then another guy comes around the corner and says that the movie is playing. They both apologize to us and we go back to the theater. The movie isn't playing so we turn back around to go tell him again. We tell the concession stand guy that it's still not playing and he's all like "He is suck a liar" and apologizes to us again and it was pretty funny. We go back to the theater and the movie starts. I think the guy realized he had forgotten it and ran to go get it started.

Day 7 We drove around forever trying to find the Cincinnati art gallery and we finally found it. It was huge... So we went around the first floor and it's your typical huge art gallery, each room leading to more rooms until we had no idea where we were. We were getting bored of seeing the same thing over and over again and decided to go upstairs to see the contemporary art. It was pretty cool. They also had a huge section on circus posters and that type of art. It was really neat. After that we figured we should probably head out and try to get home. It's Friday by this point and we're tired of being on the road. So we drive all night until we got to Vogie's house at like 3 in the morning.

Day 8 We hung out at Vogie's house because his mom said she would make us pizza and it was delicious. We watched "Megamind" and "Fight Club" so now I've finally seen it and everyone can stop telling me I need to watch it. It was pretty good though, even though I knew what was going on because it had been spoiled for me. Still really good though. We had dinner and hung out and finally decided we should get back to campus. Because at this point I was starting to be really sick of Vogie and really missing Josh. We finally got back and it was all good. Yay roadtrip.