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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

North Carolina

So I'm at a McDonalds in North Carolina right now. We're just hanging out because we want to go through the Smokey Mountains during the daytime. We've been having quite the adventure so far. We've slept in the car every night and that's been fun. We've been sleeping at rest areas and in Wal-mart parking lots.

We did some cliff climbing at Fort Dodge in Kentucky. There will be pictures of that when I get back. We made it out to see the ocean, that was fun and I got some really pretty shells. Vogie was glad that we got to see the ocean, even though we keep getting lost. We got to visit his brother Erik who is basically a modern day viking. He looks just like the dad in "How to Train Your Dragon" it's crazy. He's really awesome though.

We're really glad to be heading back though, we're both getting tired of North Carolina and sleeping in the car. So now we're just going to mosey back.

Sorry I haven't been posting as much as I intended to but that's because when we do check the internet it's to figure out where we are and Vogie checks facebook to let everyone know that we aren't dead. And the only places we can even get internet are McDonalds. So yeah, it's been really good and I'll put up a more detailed account and pictures when we get back.