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Monday, June 4, 2012

May She Rest In Peace

My Saturn died a very unfortunate death a couple months ago. I was driving to Walmart when something popped and oil went everywhere causing the car to start smoking. After carefully driving it back to campus and parking it for a few weeks Josh bugged me enough to get it towed and looked at. The verdict? Something cracked in the engine that would cost approximately $1,200 to replace. Considering I got the car for free and put $700 worth of parts in it that wasn't going to happen. 

I call the tow truck company (Southwest Towing, they're great people) to take it to the salvage yard across town. Mom said I could probably get $100 bucks for it. The same guy who towed me to the shop was the one who answered when I needed it towed again. He drove over and offered me $175 to buy it right then. It was $10 over what he figured I would get from the junkyard and I wouldn't need to pay to tow it there. He saves the cars till winter when steel prices are higher and not many people can bring cars in. So he got the title, I got a check. Everything was good. 

Sadly I left my car angel in the car but they've always been together so I guess it's fitting. 

So no more Saturn, which is unfortunate. But we had a good couple years together. I took my driver's test in that car. It died in the middle of an intersection immediately after taking that test on our way to the courthouse. That summer Indy and I stole books from a dumpster with it. Indy got hit by a deer while driving it. It lost a tire while mom drove it. It took Indy and I to the renaissance faire the first summer I owned it. It took me to Marshall for school and ran until the weather got too cold for it. Took it home, parked it in the weeds until I needed it for school again. Which you can see in the above link. I taught Steph and Kristin how to drive in it and I let Mariah get some practice in it as well. We took multiple trips to Walmart in it, packing in several people. This last school year it faithfully got me to work every weekend until the alternator belt broke. Got that fixed, then the battery was dead. Replaced that and then the engine cracked. 

I love you car. May you rest in peace.