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Monday, July 23, 2012

Josh's Visit

Josh got here late Friday night and decided he never wants to make that drive in the dark again. So Saturday we decided to go hang out in Fergus Falls and see some movies. We walked around downtown looking at the bookstores and stuff. There's a new restaurant there called The Spot. They sell Paninis. Most of the food names were not in English but they had a list of what was in them so I picked one that sounded good. We got there right after they opened at 11 so we were the only ones there. It was pretty romantic because it was just this cute little place.

This is what I got. Isn't it fancy?

It was also neat because they had word magnets on all of the napkin dispensers. Brilliant idea. Josh and I played with that for most of the time we were waiting for our food.

After that we looked at a couple more stores then decided it was time to hit Walmart for snacks before the movie. We decided to see "The Dark Knight Rises" first and then "The Amazing Spiderman" We saw them back to back. We had just enough time between movies for Josh to get a pop and for me to buy the tickets. We also got to see Sammi and Erin (Sammi was my best friend in high school and Erin is her little sister) which was nice. The movies were really good. I liked them both.

After that we decided to head home but we stopped at Guzzlers first. The restaurant that replaced Prante's on the Lake, where I used to work. It was super busy and we had to wait a while to get a table. We ordered a plate of nachos as an appetizer to share and each got bacon cheeseburgers.Everything was delicious.

We went home and watched some more movies on my computer. The next day we ate at Zorbaz for lunch. One of my coworkers gave me a $20 gift card she wasn't planning on using. So we both decided to go big and get something we normally wouldn't get. I got $10 worth of tacos.

It was really good but we definitely needed to-go boxes, especially since both of our plates came with a huge amount of chips and salsa. We spent the rest of the day eating this. Then we drove around looking for a good swimming spot and finally had to opt for the beach on Ottertail even though I was hoping to find one of the more private spots was empty... they weren't.

Then back to my place for some movies, then grilling, a game of battleship that Josh won, and then the fireworks I'd been saving. Then more movies (there isn't much else to do at my place).

It was a really fun weekend and I was sad when he left Monday morning.