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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Baby Bird

So I'm at work today and I walk outside the garden center and on the bench I see a plastic bin with a bird in it. I thought it was one of the baby birds from the nest above the door but it was an entirely different type of bird. No idea where it came from. It couldn't quite fly yet so it just kept jumping around, stuck in the bin. So we left it there for a little while but no one came to claim it so I took it out to a grassy ditch area beside the store where it would be unlikely to get run over.

Funny story though several hours later I'm helping some customers and I see something come hopping up to the door and then back out into the garden center. It's this same silly bird. So I chase it through the garden center as it hops and tries to fly. Then I chase it across the parking lot into the grass. It kept tripping through the tall weeds so I picked it up and it tried to bite my finger and I took it down to the very bottom of the ditch and left it there.

Bird in the bin.

Bird in the grass the first time.