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Friday, August 10, 2012

Volkswagens and the Park

Puppy at the park.
Got a message from mom this morning saying that her boyfriend's friend who was good with bugs came over and they were having a battle of who could fix the bug first. Neither was going home until it ran. So that's pretty awesome.

I took the puppy to the park for something different. She's been a little sad since mom's been gone so I thought I'd take her out for an adventure. It also gave me time to hang out and do a little bit of drawing. I drew one of the benches. It turned out pretty good.

Steve came over later to get one of the Volkswagen buses in the yard to take back to his place. He had a trailer that was nearly twice as long as his truck. So I helped him and Abbey get that loaded. I mostly just stood around and watched. But I got some good pictures.
Abbey steering the bus onto the trailer.

Crazy lineup.

Just have to move it on a little bit further. 

Strapping it down.