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Thursday, August 9, 2012

I've Had a Very Productive Day Today

  • I transplanted and pruned my Mandevilla plant. It looks so much better than it did before and now I can take it to Marshall with me.

  • I washed the massive pile of dishes and cleaned the top of the stove and the counter. 

  • I called and got the ball rolling on my Walmart transfer request. 

  • I called my grandfather and he agreed to co-sign the lease for my apartment.

  • I scrubbed down my microwave.

  • I updated my Hubpages Profile because it finally transferred over to the new layout.

  • I organized the bookshelf in the living room that my mom put my books on. Pretty much the top two shelves belong to me, and this is maybe 1/10 of my collection. Just a lot of stuff I've collected during college.