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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sick Refrigerator

Today is day 4 of living with my boyfriend Josh and my friend Jess. Previously Josh lived with this guy Chris and before Josh moved in Chris lived with a different guy. So Jess and I are moving into bachelor pad territory. It's kind of scary but overall not to bad because Chris is secretly a 50's housewife (drinking while doing housework).

Today I took it upon myself to clean out the fridge. Partially because it was awkwardly arranged and partly because I'm sure it hasn't been actually cleaned in years. Then again there were periods of time when Chris lived here that it was only filled with booze and condiments.

So I scrubbed down all of the shelves and surprisingly there were no mystery containers of food. Looks like Chris and Josh got rid of all of them when Chris moved out. So I was happy about that and there was a lot more room than I expected. Though if we took out all the bottles of pop we'd really have a lot of room. But whatever. If it becomes a space issue out they'll go.

Anyway, I get down to the bottom of the fridge and there are two crisper drawers (or whatever, I don't know how real fridges work). I pull them out and find a puddle of water. Which doesn't really surprise me because there was some water dripping from the freezer area into the fridge and it does leak on the floor sometimes. But it's not just water. There's something else there that's about the consistency of snot and it's disgusting. I have no idea what it is or how it got there but it almost made me throw up while cleaning it out. Super gross. But it's gone now and hopefully that will keep the fridge from leaking and hopefully it won't come back.

Get better soon fridge. We love and need you.

Oh, and for kicks here is a picture of the inside door which has the condiments and everything else.We have 4 types of mustard!! But in all fairness Josh uses some of them as dipping sauces. Also most of these are mostly empty. Weird.
Lots of condiments.