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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The New Pokemon Drinking Game

My friend Chris found this online a while back (I guess there's been several versions so this many not be the exact one). Anyway, he decided to make his own.
Chris' version of the Pokemon drinking game.

My boyfriend decided he wanted to make a new version of the game based on one of the other Pokemon games. I don't know which one because I never played any of them. But he wants to do things differently than Chris did.

So, on the spur of the moment we bought some tag board while grocery shopping went home, watched some tv and later I gridded it out in pencil, then we mapped out the outline and went over the smaller lines in pen. Then He decided where he wanted all of the characters and zones to be and Jess and I colored them in. Then she wrote all of the names on because she has prettier handwriting than me and that's as far as we got last night.

Jess coloring. Josh was trying to be dramatic.

The finished map and colored places.

We decided to take a break for the night after we wrote the names in.
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