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Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Day of Walmart

Today was my first day cashiering at the Marshall Walmart. I've cashiered before at my other Walmart but they had the updated register system. This one is older and isn't nearly as bad as the computer learning program told me it was going to be. There's still a few things I haven't figured out like how to make a check for more than the amount.

I had to do basically every complicated thing possible. I had to do a tax exempt transaction, a WIC transaction, I was put on the cigarette lane so I spent the day carding people and trying to figure out which type of cigarettes they wanted (they all look the same to me). I had a guy yell at me because it took 15 minutes for him to check out and it was at that point that I ran out of $1 bills which angered him further. I had another lady get mad at me because her card kept getting denied.

There were a lot of nice people too and it was also the lane where the Magic the Gathering cards are kept so I got to talk to some guys about that, which was fun. And then I was the only cashier for about half an hour between the day cashiers and the night cashiers. Then I had to stay 15 minutes late because there was a rush of people. I was very happy to go home.
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