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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Minnesota Renaissance Faire

This last weekend I went to the Minnesota Renaissance Faire. I've been to the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Kenosha, WI so many times that I sort of had that ingrained in my mind. So walking up to the Minnesota one was weird because the front layout is very similar.

I normally go in the summer so it was weird not seeing so many costumes and seeing the workers wearing sweaters over their normal costumes. But then again it seemed that the Minnesota Faire doesn't have as high of standards as the Bristol one. That was kind of disappointing.

Since the Minnesota one is in the cities it seems to draw a lot more tourists than the Brisol one does because it is kind of in the middle of nowhere. There was about 1 costumed person for every 20 normal people. In Bristol it's closer to 1 to 5.

It was also dusty as hell and there were woodchips everywhere. So my thin flip flops were a very poor choice of footwear. I'll keep that one in mind for the future. So I could barely walk by the end of the day. Ouch.

There didn't seem to be as much booth diversity as the Bristol faire has. Everything seemed the same, but that might have been because there were a lot of things I was used to seeing at the Bristol faire so it wasn't interesting.

I did not see any fairy people. I saw a guy dressed as a tree and that was about it. :( I love my fairy people.

The joust to the death was also a huge disappointment. The field was awkward with limited seating. The acting was bad and it ended very quickly. It was more like watching the 3 stooges than a joust to the death.

But it was really fun to show Josh what a renaissance faire is and to get a feel for the place. It was also fun seeing my other friends there. A couple of them had gone before but some of them hadn't. It was a really good time.

Josh spent $5 to lose a game of chess.

Decided to take a group picture before we left for the night.
Josh, Chloe, Paul, Vogie, Sam S., Sam D.

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