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Friday, January 11, 2013

Appa Pillowpet and a Minecraft Mooshroom

I'm the only one of my friends who owns a sewing machine. So when they come up with gift ideas they always ask for my help. My friend Vogie came to me with a Christmas present request for his girlfriend. He's like a brother to me so I was more than happy to help him out. They are both huge fans of the video game Minecraft. It's pixel based and has that classic sort of video game look even though it's quite new.

There are apparently animals called Mooshrooms. I guess a cow with mushrooms growing out of it's head. He wanted to gift her the severed head of a Mooshroom and he wanted it to be a sixteen inch cube.

Vogie is a pretty skilled artist so he drew out a pattern for me. It was pretty easy since it's a cube with squares on. Thank god for pixel art. We were able to find the fleece we needed at Walmart and we even found some variegated red that looks exactly like in the game. I sewed all of the white black and gray squares onto my red squares and then sewed it all into a cube and filled it with a bag and a half of fluff.

Giant Mooshroom pillow from Minecraft - I need this!!
This is a Mooshroom head pillow sitting on top of a very tiny freezer.

This is a picture of a very happy Sam (Vogie's girlfriend) that I stole
off of her facebook... I hope she doesn't get mad at me. 

It turned out very well and I'm very proud of it. If I were to make another one I would do it quilt style and make single squares and sew those all together.

My next project is at the request of my friend Mariah for her boyfriend Jon. She found an Appa pillow pet tutorial on pinterest and wanted to try it out. Appa is a flying bison from the show Avatar the Last Airbender. It was a little hard to follow because the instructions weren't that clear. I did my best. The face was a little off but it made it special. They were both very happy with the end result.
Appa Pillow Pet - How Adorable
Appa Pillow Pet. "I'm flying!"

And again from the side. 

And again from the other side. 

Isn't that face just adorable.

I unfortunately do not have any pictures of Jon enthusiastically hugging it. But that's okay.
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