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Monday, February 11, 2013


It started out as an average Minnesota snowfall. Everyone on facebook was freaking out and saying school should get cancelled for Monday and this is all I saw outside the window of my apartment.
Outside my apartment at 8:34 am.
 We did get more snow as the day wore on and I was not super thrilled about having to go to work.
Outside my apartment at 11:07 am. 

Outside my apartment at 1:33 pm.
 I went to work like a good employee. I even made it home on my lunch break even though I should have just stayed there. But coming home at 11:30 at night was a different story. I took the highway like I always do but was unable to make the turn off it. I figured I could keep going and take the next turn, no such luck. I fished-tailed for quite a bit before spinning into the ditch.

Stuck in the ditch at 11:36 pm.
I had the snow shovel with me and tried to dig the car out but it was too far in the ditch, and as we've seen before Josh's car is not a fan of the snow. So I called him and Chris to come help me but we couldn't get it out. So we just left it there for the night. 

I then paid $120 to get it towed out this morning. Next time I'm just going to pay a bunch of my friends to get it out. If I paid ten of my friends $10 it would still be cheaper and we would definitely be able to get it out.