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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Date Night at Applebees.

Josh has been making some resolutions to better himself so we went on a date night to get some couple time in. Applebees half-apps are one of our favorite because they're so cheap and long islands are so cheap and delicious.

So first we just sat and held hands and stared at each other. Because we're adorable and just super weird. I laughed first and lost. I started thinking about how silly we must look to everyone around us.

They had a bunch of new appetizers and we tried the Sriracha Shrimp which was good but not necessarily $10 good. 

I got long islands and chicken wonton tacos which were delicious as usual. Josh went for the beer pub pretzels even though they weren't half off. 

I'm not being paid for this post but I should be. 

Chicken Wonton Tacos at Applebees

Mango Long Island at Applebees.