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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Resting B**** Face

"You need a better smile and a better attitude." 

I was actually having a very pleasant day and I was quite happy. But sometimes my face gets all blank like this and sometimes I think my smile looks weird so I don't smile as much. 

It's funny because she was mad at me because her card got declined. (It happens all the time and usually it's Walmart's fault but there's nothing we can do.) Then since she hadn't used a check there in so long I had to put in her license number and phone number. Some people get really upset when I have to put their phone number in the computer. 

It's one thing to criticize my work, it's another to criticize me. 

So I wished her a nice day and then promptly told all of my coworkers about it. 

Moral of the story: Be careful what you say and do because you might just turn into the workplace joke. Alternately if you are awesome to us we will brag about you endlessly. 

Resting Bitch Face at Walmart