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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Untitled - Poem

look to the sky
look to your heart
believe in this life
this world full of art
full of pain
full of tears
full of year after year
time comes and goes
just as the people do
just as you and I do
close your eyes
try to sleep
watch the pictures
and fly after me
spread your wings
take the sky
you'll never know unless you give it a try
watching the flames
stirring the fire
watching it burn
higher and higher
what is this life
but a test for us all
prove that you're worth it
before we all fall
run through the rain
get soaked to the bone
count all the stars
each and every one
sit in the sand as you hear the rain drone
feel the touch
feel the kiss
of the one that you miss
friends come and go
and you'll never know
what you have lost
because you'll never see that it's gone

© Chloe VanDuinen 2010