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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Cake is a Lie - A Companion Cube Birthday Cake

Last weekend was Lorien's birthday party. Her roommate Suzannah wanted to make a companion cube cake for her (an item from the video game Portal) I told her it should have something in it to make the cake a lie (keeping with the theme of the game, they promise you cake but then don’t give it to you… I guess). We decided to put layers of rice crispy bar in it.

My sister came to pick me up for the weekend and it was a good thing because she's much better at cake decorating than Suzannah or I. 

Lorien was very impressed with the cake. It was extremely delicious. The buttercream frosting was really tasty with the rice crispy bars which is something I didn't expect. I thought it would be way too sugary but it was just right. 

Companion Cube Birthday Cake - Looks Delish
Companion cube birthday cake. 

Companion Cube Birthday Cake - The Cake is a Lie
See, the cake is a lie.