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Friday, April 30, 2010

First Date

I had been waiting for this date for a week and the suspense was killing me. No one would tell me anything, which I was okay with because I like surprises.

We agreed to meet in front of my dorm. I ended up waiting there beforehand because I had nothing better to do. Josh walks up with a bouquet of three dandelions and a pink tulip.

We walk to his car and he asks me where I want to get food, but not to worry because we were going to get it “to go” (I hate restaurants).  I’m bad at decisions so we ended up going to Culvers. We get our food and drive back to the school so we can eat in the garden courtyard because he remembered that I like it there. We ate our food and talked for a while.

Now I need to backtrack for a moment. The day before we had gone to Last Stop CD Shop because that's what we do on Wednesdays.  He bought a CD and I hadn't thought anything of it. But he played it in the car. The song was "Forever" by In this Moment. It's a really cute song to play on a first date.

After that we went back to his room to watch the movie “Avatar” which he was sad to find out that I had already seen (I watched it with the group that went to Detour). It was still really fun. We watched the movie and hung out and talked for a long time after that.

We made it facebook official after the movie. I have a boyfriend.