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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Muffins, Brownies, and Boys

Today was the second to last anime club of the year. I still had a bunch of muffin packets and a brownie mix box in my room. I decided to make it all and bring it to anime club because then it will disappear fast... and it did.

I invited a bunch of people over to my lounge to watch TV and just hang out with me. Monica, Vogie, Josh, and Paul showed up. I was just standing watching the tv because I didn't really know where to sit and didn't want to sit in the back row. Josh is like "Chloe, come sit by me." So I did. He had his arm stretched out on the back of the chair. I was trying not to act too eager to sit close to him.

I kept having to get up and do stuff with the food I was making. When I sat back down again his hand moved so it was holding my shoulder, pulling me a little closer. I had to get up again and the next time I sat down he pulled me closer to him and my head ended up resting on his shoulder. He leaned his head on top of mine and said "We've broken the first barrier." I just laughed.

When club was over I had to take something to the office and ended up staying there and playing some games on the computer. Josh followed me and we talked as I checked facebook. We were kind of flirting and bantering.

Then he asks "Do I have permission to accidentally reality again?" "Ummm, sure." Because I am completely dense and did not realize what that actually meant. He gives me this look then leans over and kisses me. I don't think I have words to describe how ecstatic I was at that point. We continued talking and eventually decided we should go back to our own rooms. He walked me back to my room and gave me a hug and another kiss. I ran up the stairs giggling.

So yeah, absolutely, absolutely thrilled. Finally a guy that will take initiative. Asking me out, kissing me. He even regularly gives me flowers, sure they're only dandelions but those are my favorite flowers and he actually remembered.