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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You Bring Out the Hopeless Romantic in Me - Poem

Inspired by the Poem You Bring out the Boring White Guy in Me by Jim Daniels

You bring out the hopeless romantic in me. The sing
in the shower, dance in the rain in me. You bring out
the tv watcher, video game player, heavy metal listener
in me. You bring out the writer, the reader, the doodler. The
five-year-old child and the hand holding teenage lover in me.
The "I need to scream 'I love you' at the top of my lungs
because maybe then you'll understand how much you
mean to me." You bring out the giggle, the laugh. You
bring out the "you're beautiful just the way you are."
You bring out the magic, the feeling that anything can
happen. You bring out the spontaneous adventurer and the
competitive nature. You bring out the 3am chatter. You
bring out the slow dancer, the risk taker, the card player.
You bring out everything I've ever wanted to be.

©Chloe VanDuinen 2011