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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Car Update

Steve has been over and working on my car for the last few days. I washed the whole thing because it was covered in a nasty layer of grime. It now looks super pretty and awesome. Apparently it's actually much closer to being finished than I thought. I thought there was something wrong with the motor but I guess they just need to re-drill a hole in a part of it because the old hole was stripped out. Then the motor can go back in and it's pretty much all set to go.

We finally figured out how to finish off the edge around the sunroof so that's awesome and my mom is in the middle of recovering my seats. We took a walk out to Steve's other bugs and pulled some taillights, a VW emblem, some ashtrays, and a horn ring off to put on my car. Steve also pointed out a few other decorative bits that I should get for my car as well. Just to make it more custom and awesome. I also need to get my hands on some paint thinner because when they painted it some paint got on the rubber around the windows and on some of the chrome bits. Then it will be super pretty.