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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Heartbreak - Poem

I bet she means as much to you
as I did.
So when she asks if she meant anything
you'll give her the same answer you gave me.

I can only hope she'll take the advice
I didn't want to hear.
Hopefully she'll trust her friends more
than I did.
And realize what you're doing.

You're breaking her, and yet you act so nice.
So the breaking doesn't hurt
and if it does she thinks she has you for comfort.
But you're the one who caused the pain
so it never really goes away.

She's blind to it getting worse
and the brokenness will infect her heart.
Just as it did mine.
It will take a long time to put her back together
and fix the pain you caused.

And you're going to continue the lies,
trying to undermine my truth.
Her heart will break when she realizes you aren't the guy
she thought you were.
And you'll have hurt her, more than you ever hurt me.

© Chloe VanDuinen 2011