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Saturday, January 5, 2013

I'm Done With Christmas

As a Walmart cashier I have to deal with some pretty weird people. Since it's still only a couple weeks after Christmas we have a ton of Christmas stuff left (They finally marked it down to 75% off. There was this older couple who came through my line about 9:45am (I started work at 9) with two carts filled with Christmas stuff. Cups, ornaments, stuffed animals, bowls, place mats. Just tons of stuff from the clearance section.

I hate glitter Christmas ornaments. I had to scan over 400 (I'm guessing) Christmas ornaments, all covered in glitter, while trying to watch and make sure none were broken. The register stopped me halfway through their transaction to tell me it had reached the maximum amount of items. The max is apparently 384 (or something, it was a weird number). So they paid and I continued.

All in all their transaction was about $250. Meaning that if they had paid full price it would have been about $1000 worth of stuff.

I have no idea what they're going to do with it all, but it was way more than anybody needs. Oh well, it's out of the store now and that's what's important.