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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day (Put Chocolate on Things)

I was busy for pretty much all of Valentine's day so I wasn't planning on doing anything with Josh. We had both bought each other things so it really wasn't a big deal. We can go on a date anytime so it wasn't important to have one on February 14. Suzannah had the idea that we should put chocolate on things. Everyone agreed and that became the plan.

We all brought things we wanted to put chocolate on and we used Suzannah's personal crockpot to heat up the chocolate. It worked really well. We had pretzels, chips, fruit, cheese, french fries, and popcorn chicken. We watched the movie Pitch Perfect and it was a fun night. 

Valentine's Day spread. 
Suzannah made cards for everyone that were themed for their preferences. I got a Doctor Who one. Jess got a Daily Grace one Josh got one with no relation to Valentine's (because he doesn't like Valentine's Day). 

Daleks will exterminate you.
No matter how much you love them.