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Monday, May 13, 2013


Today is my first Monday as a graduate. That's right. I finally manged to graduate from college. It took five years but I managed it. I now have a degree in Creative Writing. Yay! It's now summer and that means it's time for summer projects. It's nice to do things without feeling guilty about avoiding homework. This also means there should be a lot more blog posts.

Curtains!! So these are some curtains I made a while back. I'm pretty proud of them. It was just some cheap fabric I found, hemmed the edges and made a tube along the top  for my tension rod that is actually meant for shower curtains. It works pretty well if we can get it wedged in the window properly (that's why it's crooked).

But now that it's summer it's also time for the box fans to be a permanent fixture in our living room window, which doesn't work well with curtains. I had an easy solution. I would just cut a panel that would allow me to flip up the part that would normally be in front of the fan.

I also bought some sheer white fabric to put behind the curtain to allow the light in but to keep people from looking into our apartment (the window sits at ground level right next to the front door of the building). I doubled it over and used some sticky backed velcro attached to the fabric and the window frame.