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Friday, May 17, 2013

Working Toward a Healthier Me (Also I Made Sushi Today)

I recently got a membership to the YMCA. I'm not in college anymore and I need to lose the weight I've put on over the last five years. To be honest I actually gained most if it this last school year. I only had a couple classes and didn't really go out much. I also drank a lot more often because I lived off campus.

I'm an adult and it's summer time so changes had to happen. My roommate Chris got a YMCA membership too. Josh is in the process of quitting his second job which will leave his mornings open which means he has to get a membership too. Then we can all go work out together and get super healthy and in shape. Okay, I'm not really expecting us to all get super healthy and in shape but every little bit counts and every little bit helps.

I made myself a promise that if I drink I have to do a full hour on the elliptical the next time I work out. I had a few drinks with my friends on Wednesday night which mean today I had to do a full hour. Which I did. I'm so proud of myself. Actually I just wanted to see the end of "What Not to Wear." I caught it at the beginning of the episode and made myself see it out.
5 miles on the elliptical took me just over an hour
(it stared the cool down phase so it only says 13 seconds).
 Chris and I got home from the YMCA and made sushi because I've been craving it lately. It's just so fun and easy to make. It also gives me an excuse to eat a lot of avocados. I bought some seafood snackers to cut up and put in them. Raw fish scares me so I try to find alternatives to put in them. Josh doesn't like it if it's just vegetables. Walmart was out of cucumbers so most of them are just avocado, carrot, and seafood snackers. I also put some cream cheese in some of them with the seafood snackers. Best decision ever. But that might be because cream cheese is magical.
Sushi!! Chris and I made sushi as a reward for our workout. The blue plate is the ones I made for Josh.

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