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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I'm Moving

I'm moving out of Marshall and going to Duluth. It was sort of a joke at first. Our friend Jim (who currently lives in Duluth) came down to visit during my birthday in December. He casually suggested that we should move up there with him because his lease was up at the end of April and he needed somewhere new to live and some new roommates. We were all intoxicated and we laughed it off but none of us really thought it was a terrible idea.

We were mostly serious when we told him yes but we ignored it for a while until we knew we were fully sober and making the right decision.

So we spent a while searching for a place and of course Jim is the only one up there so he was mostly in charge of that. He found us a nice place and we signed the lease a couple weeks ago. None of us were able to make it up there to see the place and we didn't get a chance to see pictures either but we trust Jim so this should be fun.

So yeah, we're moving into a house we've never seen. I did manage to find a link to the ad that Jim saw but all of the pictures were old and I guess a lot of things had been updated which is exciting.

I can't believe I'm finally getting out of Marshall. I've been here for 6 years now and I'm ready to get out. College was fun here but this last year I've lost touch with a lot of people and most of my friends have graduated and moved away.

We're a block away from the Burrito Union which looks like it might be the best place ever. We're also about three blocks from the Anytime Fitness which means no more excuses and about five blocks from the lake.