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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What's Behind the Green Door? - Marshall, MN

What's Behind the Green Door?
What's Behind the Green Door?
"What's behind the green door?" This question has plagued me the entire time I've lived in Marshall, MN. I'm sure I drove my friends crazy because I would point it out every time we drove past but I really wanted to know.

I'd walk past it to get from the college to get downtown and I never had the courage to get up close to it. It's pretty freaky looking.

Since I'm moving at the end of the month I figured I better get some pictures of it or nobody will believe me when I tell them about it.

Also, this place is apparently for sale. I know I could call and ask about it but that seems weird.

Everything is completely boarded up with plywood. You couldn't get inside even if you want to. Mainly because that green door isn't even actually a door.

It's a piece of plywood with a doorknob on it.
What's Behind the Green Door?

What's Behind the Green Door?

P.S. I've tried searching for it online but all I get is a porn from the '70's.

So if you for some reason know something about this or find this post when you're trying to look it up yourself let me know. I'm partly posting this just so there is some record of it on the internet.