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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sewing Projects and Doctor Who

McCall's `M6800 Jacket Pattern
McCall's `M6800 Jacket Pattern
I keep meaning to make myself a new winter jacket. I finally found a style I liked and bought the pattern on the internet.

Then I bought some dark blue corduroy and held onto it for this entire last year. (It was supposed to be made for last winter.) I knew I wanted to make a TARDIS jacket but I was having a hard time figuring out what to use as the liner material. I wanted to get fabric with the police box sign printed on it but that would be very expensive and I didn't really want a white lining in my jacket anyway. So I waited. Finally I decided I should start working on it and since there is a Hancock Fabrics in Duluth I went to search for fabric. I took my sister Abbey with me and she found the perfect fabric.

It was kind of funny because when we took it to get cut the lady asked me what I was making. I told her it was the liner for a jacket and she immediately asked if it was a Doctor Who jacket. I told her it was and she got all excited. She said she gets worried when normal people buy it because it looks pretty timey-wimey and people will think of Doctor Who when they see it.
Timey-wimey Doctor Who Fabric
Timey-wimey Doctor Who Fabric

So I got the pattern all cut out and I decided to start with the liner because I was just so excited to get started. I got all the liner pieces cut out and labeled and all that. Then I went to start cutting the blue corduroy and I realize that it is not as wide as the pattern expects it to be, and because of this I do not have enough. So I'm laying it out every which way and no matter what it's not going to work.

Not enough fabric - Tardis Jacket
Not enough fabric. :(
Today I went all around town looking for a replacement fabric and I didn't find anything I liked. I found something kind of close at Hancock Fabrics. It was still a blue corduroy but it was not as thick as the one I had. So looks like I'm waiting again until I find what I want.

I will probably still make a jacket with what I have but it will have to be a shorter version of the jacket. I just wanted a long one to use with that liner fabric because it's so pretty and it's already cut out and that would be a huge waste of perfectly good fabric.

I'm going to look through what I have in my stash and see if I can find something that will make a good liner for the smaller jacket.