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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Glasses vs. Contacts

Tattoo sleeves for Halloween at Walmart.
I got contacts this past week. I'm really liking them. It's got me thinking about my appearance. I first got glasses when I was thirteen. Almost everyone I knew had glasses before me and some were starting to get contacts. They've become part of my identity for the past 11 years. When I had to draw self portraits they would contain my glasses (I also really loved the shape of them).

The funny part is that when I would go to school dances or parties where I really wanted to "dress up" I would take my glasses off. I didn't wear makeup at that point, but in my mind it was prettier to not wear my glasses. I don't know if it was the fact that nearly everyone wore contacts once they got to high school. And when I would take "glamour shots" of my face I would always remove my glasses because I thought it looked nicer (also because glare, yuck).

Day 1 wearing contacts. Also I voted. 
Since I've moved to Duluth I've been wearing makeup pretty regularly when I go to work. I've been wanting to dress up, wear my large earrings and not look like a total slob and now that Walmart has upgraded their dress code it really makes me want to try harder with my appearance.

Wearing contacts the last couple days has been strange to me, it feels like my face is empty but I can still see well enough that I'm not trying to adjust the glasses that are not on my face (which is usually what happens if I'm not wearing them for some reason).