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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I'm Obsessed with Notebooks

I really like notebooks a lot. Back to School season is hard at Walmart because there are just so many pretty notebooks that are also really cheap. Why yes I would like a box of one subject notebooks for ten cents apiece. It's bad.

I already have so many notebooks. My biggest vice is pocket notebooks and journals. People used to always buy me journals because I was a teenage girl with emotions who was also a  writer. Journals were the perfect gift. Now I collect those little Moleskine notebooks. I use the first few pages and then I buy another one. I can't rip pages out of notebooks. But I'm a perfectionist so each notebook has to have a purpose.
I like tiny notebooks a lot. I decided to put them in a stack the last time I cleaned. 

I also like binders and how they allow me to be organized. I have binders for all sorts of stuff. A lot of them are filled with my organized poetry. I have it organized by date. It's actually really cool. I started putting dates on my writing very early on. Within a couple months of beginning to write when I was in 5th grade. I'm very proud of myself for thinking to do that.

I have a binder for all of my important paperwork, and I have one for all of the user manuals and receipts for all of my major appliances and stuff.
I like binders and full size notebooks too.