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Friday, January 1, 2016

Clean Slate

I'm starting this new year with a clean slate. I sorted through all of my old blog posts and culled the ones that didn't fit my message. There was a lot of weird stuff in there. It was stuff that made sense at the time but in the big picture it didn't really fit. I'm going to use January to find my blogging voice.

I deleted my old Twitter account and started a new one. I'm looking forward to the genuine followers I get. I'm also trying to be more active on Instagram. There are some really cool people out there.

One of my big goals is to get my craft supplies sorted and organized. I don't even have that much art stuff. I just have a little of everything and so it's all mostly useless unless I buy a bunch more stuff. I have a tiny bit of painting supplies, I have a tiny bit of scrapbooking supplies. I have crayons that I've been carrying around for years and maybe used once. I need to be more realistic about what I'm actually going to accomplish.

I started Bullet Journaling last month and I'm looking forward to using it to it's fullest extent in the coming year. It's already got me writing, reading, working out, and blogging. I started doing my Morning Pages again and I'm going to try to actually complete The Artist's Way Workbook.

Josh and I made a pact that we wouldn't eat any fast food or take out until Valentine's Day, unless we specifically plan a date night. That means no randomly going out just because we don't feel like cooking.

As part of my clean slate prompt I promised myself I would get my desk cleaned off. And I did. It had all of our wedding gift cards laying around on it as well as some fabric from my wedding dress. That was two months ago. So now I can actually use my desk to work out. I'm very proud of myself.

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