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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

List Yourself: List All of the Reading Material in Your Bathroom

I actually have a huge stack of magazines in my upstairs bathroom. I wound up with this subscription to multiple magazines a few years ago. I canceled the card because I was pretty sure it was a scam but they just kept sending me magazines. The magazines managed to follow me to my new address and they are just for weird stuff. So I just have piles and piles of magazines. I have the internet so I don't read magazines. So into the bathroom they go for the off chance I forget my phone or we have guests over. Us Weekly and Bloomberg Businessweek are the only two I actually care about. 
Before the magazines came into my life I would read the back of hair products, the back of the tampon box. I would just read everything in the bathroom no matter how many times I had read it before. It was just a habit. I guess that's why my mother put up educational posters in the bathroom at her house. That way you can learn about the circulatory system while you do your business.