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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My 5 New Habits for January

I've been working on a few new habits for this new year. They aren't resolutions just ways I'm trying to better myself.

1. Bullet Journaling
Mid December I learned about Bullet Journaling. It's a free form sort of day planner. I'm loving it. I'm learning and changing each day what works for me. I use it more for recording my day then planning what I'm going to do next. I write down chores sometimes and I keep my shopping list in it. My job has really slowed down now that Christmas is over. I keep my journal with me at work and I write stuff down as I think of it. I've also been feeling more productive because I am actually looking at my lists and wanting to get things done.
My Bullet Journal with a Sudoku Puzzle
Bullet Journal Complete with Sudoku Puzzle

2. Morning Pages in my Bullet Journal
I've been doing morning pages on and off for years. For a long time I did them online through, It was tough though, if I forgot to get online, or I was somewhere that I couldn't easily connect to the internet then I didn't do them. I broke my 100 day streak because I went to Anime Detour and there was no wifi.

So now I'm doing them in my bullet journal. I try to do a page every day. I usually write before I go to work. Some days I only get halfway through the page and some days I don't write at all. I'm not pressuring myself about it. I also let myself have as much time as I need. With the online site it was always a race to see how quickly I could finish, because after you submit it will tell you how long it took you to reach 750 words.

I've been using it to work through some of my daily anxieties and worries, as well as using it to talk myself through new projects.

3. Drinking More Water
I have check boxes in my bullet journal for each 20 oz bottle of water I drink. At work I get a break every two hours so this schedule allows me to easily drink enough water for the day. It's when I'm at home and I don't remember to drink enough water. I'm getting better. The checkboxes help.

4. Taking My Vitamins
I'm trying to eat better but I know I'm still not getting the vitamins I need. I have one of those pill boxes with spots for each day of the week. I keep it in my lunch box so I can take them with food on my dinner break at work. This is by far my favorite life hack.

5. Eating Meals at the Table
I've been searching Pinterest for some better dinner recipes. I'm not searching for health, I'm searching for straight up delicious food. My mother doesn't eat meat and is a bland cook. She is a picky eater and her idea of flavor is topping her mashed potatoes with cottage cheese. I'm learning how to use spices and I taught myself to like bell peppers a few years back. So basically I can cook you a potato five different ways but if you hand me a chunk of meat I won't know what to do with it.

Pinterest has come to the rescue and I've been finding some great stuff. If I'm making good meals I want to be able to sit down and enjoy them. So I've implemented dinner time at the table. We usually have dinner on the couch in front of the tv because we don't actually have a real table, just a sad card table. So now we have sit down dinner together on my days off when we can actually eat dinner together.

I'm learning to love cooking and I can tell that Josh is really enjoying eating something other than potatoes.